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  • New to Yoga?

    Check out our Yoga Schedule.

    Common Ground offers “Yoga for Beginners” at various times throughout the week. This is a great place to start if you’re new to yoga or returning after a long break. We have plenty of mats for you to borrow. Just wear loose clothing and come give it a try!

  • acupuncture

    Come Try Acupuncture.

    Common Ground offers a community acupuncture clinic, which allows us to provide more affordable acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture has been proven effective in treating pains, managing stress, and as a preventative treatment to maintain health.

  • massage

    Schedule a Massage.

    Common Ground offers one-hour massages Monday through Saturday. The benefits of massage include decreased stress levels, relief from aches and pains, and greater flexibility. Call us at 434-218-7677 to schedule.

  • Charlottesville Yoga

    Help Increase Wellness in Charlottesville.

    Common Ground is a nonprofit that offers yoga, massage, acupuncture, and meditation on a sliding scale based on income at our downtown studio, and at no cost to underserved populations throughout Charlottesville. Your support makes this possible.

  • fluvanna.womens.correctional.facility

    Make Yoga Free for Underserved Communities

    Common Ground has been providing yoga classes to inmates at the Fluvanna Women’s Correctional Facility since 2010.“I miss my family very much. Someday I’m going to go home, and that’s why it’s so important for me to stay healthy.” – Inmate, F.W.C.F.

  • westhaven

    Support Outreach Chair Massage

    There have been over 500 visits to Common Ground’s free weekly chair massage at JABA’s Westhaven Nursing Clinic since this program began in January 2012. “The massage helps me relax and reduce my stress.”  – Resident, Westhaven

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    Join us for an upcoming event

    We hold a wide variety of events at Common Ground including talks, workshops, and classes led by local and national teachers.  See our events schedule to see what’s happening!


Intro to Yoga with Cynthia Woodring

Curious about yoga and want to learn more? Get answers in this welcoming and interactive 6 week series that is open to all ages, bodies, and levels. For the first 5 weeks, Cynthia will teach you how to practice yoga poses, breathing, and healthful attitudes. For the 6th week, participants will be offered a pass that will […]

Learn More