Welcome to Common Ground, Kimberly Gladysz!


Common Ground is so grateful to have Kimberly Gladysz joining our team of yoga instructors. We love Kimberly’s positivity, and genuine warmth. Join Kimberly for her Level 1 & 2 class on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45pm! About Kimberly: When Kimberly was 5 years old, she wore a hula skirt everyday for a month. Her love for dance […]

“Does Acupuncture Hurt?” …and other Acupuncture Questions Answered


One of the first questions people usually have about acupuncture is, “Does acupuncture hurt?” Having studied acupuncture for several years now, I have heard this and many other inquiries regarding the medicine. Before I began my formal schooling, I’d had very little exposure to acupuncture, and looking back I can see why it seems so mysterious. I’d like […]

The Importance of Balance


Ever heard someone try to play a guitar that’s out of tune? No matter what chord the musician plays, it simply sounds off. The harmony that exists in precisely tuned instruments comes from the balance within each string; too loose and the string will not resonate, too tight and it will snap. But if each […]

Yoga for Renewal & Rejuvenation (Level 1) – Mondays, 12-1pm


Patty Gray is back and teaching her Monday, 12-1pm Level 1 class – Yoga for Renewal & Rejuvanation. Yeah!! About Yoga for Renewal and Rejuvenation A Level 1 Yoga Class   It is never too soon nor too late to create a mind and body that together are strong and flexible, stable and balanced. Start […]

Cultivating a Home Practice

Tanya Valentine

Cultivating a home practice is one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself. A home practice helps you learn how to listen to and honor your individual needs moment to moment, day to day, and season to season. It’s an opportunity not only to engage in physical movement but also to practice giving […]

Acupuncture for Allergy Relief


As we start to close in on ragweed season in central Virginia, it’s almost time to reach for the netipot and buy some kleenex in bulk. If you find yourself sneezing, and sniffling your way through the end of August, consider trying acupuncture as a way to manage your symptons. In this study from 2014 it was […]

5 Mindfulness Tips for the Office that We Actually Use


The internet has no shortage on suggestions for how to bring some mindfulness into your workday (if you’re looking for suggestions we like these, these, and these), but we’ve decided to share 5 tactics that we actually use here at Common Ground to keep ourselves focused and at ease throughout the day. 1. Let your text message […]

New Class with Kevin Warren: Saturdays, 12-1:30pm


Please join Kevin Warren for his Inner Body Vinyasa (Level 2) class on Saturdays from 12:00-1:30pm. Kevin has been teaching for twenty years and incorporates rigorous asanas and alignment cues with yoga theory and inner body knowledge. All classes include pranayama (breath control), some meditation instruction, and often mantra practice (singing). Right after the farmer’s market, […]

Intro to Yoga: Sept. 30th – Nov. 4th


Curious about yoga and want to learn more? Get answers in this welcoming and interactive 6 week series that is open to all ages, bodies, and fitness levels. During these 6 weeks, Lili will teach you how to practice yoga poses, breathing, and healthful attitudes. After the last class, participants will be offered a pass that will allow you […]

Yoga for Beginners: Aug. 19th – Sept. 23rd


Are you new(ish) to yoga and ready to grow your confidence? Lili Powell is offering a highly-requested Yoga for Beginners Series designed for folks who are familiar with yoga basics, but want one more safe stepping stone before diving into Level 1 & 2 drop-in classes.  This welcoming and interactive 6-week series is open to […]